Our Story

Warren Howard

Warren has always been passionate about his Veldskoen “vellies” ever since he could remember. As a South African now residing in the United Kingdom he has been excited about introducing Veldskoen to friends and to anyone who has missed out on experiencing the ultimate comfort and durability this shoe has to offer.

In 2020, this simple idea has now grown into what we see today: Bushheads.com – an online shop selling genuine leather products from South Africa. And of course selling handcrafted Veldskoen and more.


Veldskoen, the name comes from the Afrikaans language, vel “skin” later assimilated with veld “field” and skoene “shoes”.

They were first made in the 17th century by the first Dutch settlers in South Africa who drew their inspirations from the traditional footwear designs of the local people, the Khoisan. So was born the “vellie” made specifically to conquer the veld of South Africa.

Easy to make ( all stitched, no tacks or nails ), lightweight and extremely tough, vellies became part of South African society. Worn by all classes and professions – 400 years of handcrafted tradition redesigned for the modern adventurer and a popular choice among society.

Make vellies your new favourite shoe.

Giving Back

“I’ve always been overwhelmed by the joy of South Africans, especially those people who have so little” – Warren Howard. Bushheads.com donates to charities in South Africa supporting young mothers, children, volunteers and teachers.